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IC 1139



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A spectroscopic study of NGC 6251 and its companion galaxies
Measurements of the velocities of galaxies thought to be associated withthe giant radio galaxy NGC 6251 confirm the presence of a poor clusterwith a systemic redshift of z=0.0244+/-0.0004 and a line-of-sightvelocity dispersion ofσz=283(+109,-52)kms-1. This suggests acluster atmosphere temperature of T=0.7(+0.6,-0.2)keV, which is notenough to confine the radio jet by gas pressure. The core of NGC 6251shows strong emission lines of [Oiii] and Hα+[Nii], but there isno evidence for line emission from the jet (detected in opticalcontinuum by Keel).

A search for environmental effects on the optical properties of galaxies in groups
Environmental density-related modifications of basic optical properties(luminosities, sizes, axial ratios, and colors) of galaxies belonging toGeller and Huchra's (1983) groups have been investigated. Remarkably, itis found that the broad maxima of the distributions of luminosities anddiameters of spirals and the whole corresponding distributions oflenticulars tend to move to lower values as one goes to groups of highcompactness, whereas the luminosity-diameter relationship of spiralstends to become flatter. No color and axial ratio differences betweengalaxies of high- and low-compactness groups have been detected.

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Observation and Astrometry data

Constellation:Ursa Minor
Right ascension:15h29m25.90s
Aparent dimensions:0.646′ × 0.282′

Catalogs and designations:
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ICIC 1139

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